Why walk when you can fly?

This book offers the Isha Judd System: an infallible method of inner transformation, based on four profound truths that call for the integration of the individual with the present moment, with himself, with the love of life and with the universe.

This book by Isha Judd, a best seller in Spanish, has been updated and relaunched by EDITORIAL PLANETA, through its DIANA trademark. You can now buy it in 45 countries around the world, in various electronic formats or as a physical book through these links. Do not miss this opportunity, and if you already have it and have discovered the benefit for yourself, recommend it or give it away, and get this wisdom into the world.

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Why walk when you can fly?

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Why walk when you can fly?
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Why walk when you can fly?
Thousands of people have benefited from the Isha System, an infallible method of internal transformation. It's time to start your healing!
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